Conceptual work:

  • CBRN Counter Measures Concept for EU led military missions


Capabilities driven preparation of Armaments programme work:

  • BIO EDEP – Biological Detection Identification Monitoring Equipment Development and Enhancement Programme


EDA funded studies:

  • SoBID – Stand off Bio-detection (2013)


Defence research targeted projects (“Cat. B”):

  • Dbase B – Database of B-agents
  • EBLN – European Biodefense Laboratories Network
  • FABIOLA – Fluorescence Applied to Biological Agents Detection
  • MODITIC – MOdelling the DIspersion of Toxic Industrial Chemicals in Urban Environments
  • NBC Modelling and Simulation
  • NBC Counter Terror
  • T&E BIODIM – Test and evaluation (T&E) of biological detection, identification and monitoring (BioDIM) equipment
  • TIPPSI – THz Imaging Phenomenology Platforms for Stand-off IED detection


Defence Research Joint Investment Programmes JIP (“Cat. A”)

Joint Investment Programme on CBRN Protection (JIP CBRN):

  • Stand off C detection
    • AMURFOCAL – Active MUltispectral Reflection Fingerprinting Of persistent ChemicAL agents
    • MICLID – Mid-Infrared Chemical LIDar
  • Next generation B point detection
    • IPODS – Biological Innovative Point Detection System
    • RAMBO – Rapid Air-particle Monitoring against BiOlogical threats
    • BIOTYPE – BIOsensors for point detection based on nanostructured opTical components for quick deploYment in an overall CBRN EuroPEan operational capability
  • European approach for mixed CBRN samples handling
    • BFREE – Safe handling and preparation of CBRN mixed samples: Biological challenges and solutions
  • Modelling and Simulation of CBRN architectures
    • MASC – Modelling and Simulation for CBRN Architectures
  • Next generation Collective Protection
    • RIAQ – Responsive Indoor Air Quality
  • Next generation Individual Protection
    • PRO-SAFE – Next Generation Personal Protection Garments Against Warfare Agents
    • SWITCH PROTECT – Low Burden Individual Protective Equipment with Adaptative Protection
  • Improved Decontamination
    • DCLAW – Decontamination by Carbohydrate Lectin Affinity Wipe
    • QUIXOTE – Quick Xor Technology for cold-plasma B&C decontamination
  • DECON control
    • RACED – Risk Assessment for CB Exposure after Decontamination
  • CBRN Sensor networking
    • CENSIT – Fusion of CBRN sENSor Information in Tactical networks


Joint Investment Programme Innovative Concepts and Emerging technologies (JIP ICET):

  • PATCH – Personal Biological Aerosol Tester for Exposure Control with High efficiency
  • NANOCAP – Novel NANOstructured optical Components for CBRN detection and high performAnce oPtomicrowave links


Joint Investment Programme on Force Protection (JIP FP):

  • PathoIDChip – Robust and autonomous airborne threat detection system as lab on a chip device with integrated optoelectronic sensors (stand alone automated PCR analyzer).
  • EPIDARM – European Protective Individual Defence Armour
  • GUARDED – Generic Urban Area Robotized Detection of CBRNE Devices


Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO)’s projects:

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