ENCIRCLE End Conference

Nearly 150 delegates from 15 countries tuned in to watch the Encircle end conference on May 19th. They were treated to final project presentations from Clive Goodchild, Rachele Brancaleoni, Olga Vybornova and Bartlomiej Jankiewicz. The Encircle project will come to an end in September this year, and has provided support to the European Commission on filling needs and gaps through research projects and the ‘Part B’ projects themselves. As Encircle comes to an end its roles will be transferred to other projects like ‘iProcureNet’.

In addition to the Encircle presentations were two from Philippe Quevauviller, Project Home at DG Home, one on the new ‘Community of Users’ called CERIS: the Community for European Research and Innovation for Security and another on the Horizon Europe CBRN Topics within the Civil Security framework for Societies programme (Cluster3). These outlined the future for European CBRN research, not only in terms of the research thrusts themselves but also the audience and society itself.

In addition to the Encircle and DG Home presentations were a wealth of project presentations, all involved with CBRN defence in one form or another. These included: HoloZcan, Nest, Cosmic, Terriffic, EU-Sense, EU-Radion, Sersing, Fire-In, Including, Melody, No-Fear and eNotice. All of these will be available to watch on Encircle YouTube Channel.

ENCIRCLE End Conference Programme

10.00 – Opening Introduction, Gwyn Winfield, Editorial Director, Falcon Communication

10.10 – Encircle Project Objectives, Dr Olga Vybornova, Université Catholique de Louvain

10.30 – Encircle Needs and Gaps Analysis, Lt. Col. Bartłomiej Jankiewicz, Polish Military University of Technology

10.50 – Encircle Market and Business Support, Clive Goodchild, BAE Systems

11.10 – Encircle Sustainability, Clive Goodchild, BAE Systems

10.20 – Encircle, Catalogue and Innovation Watch, European Risk & Resilience Institute (EU-VRi)

10.40 – Horizon Europe CBRN Topics, Philippe Quevauviller, DG Home

11.00 – CBRN State of the Art, Rachele Brancaleoni, Universitario A. Gemelli

11.20 – Live Q&A

11.50 – Break and Virtual Exhibition

13.45 – Introduction, Gwyn Winfield, Editorial Director, Falcon Communications

13.50 – HoloZcan update, Michel Zayet, DMI Associates

14.10 – Cosmic

14.30 – EU-Sense update, Małgorzata Gawlik-Kobylińska, University of Warsaw

14.50 – Sersing

15.10 – Including update, Luigi de Dominicis, ENEA

15.30 – No-Fear update, Luca Leonardi, Uniupo

15.50 – CERIS – the new COU, Philippe Quevauviller, DG Home

14.00 – Nest update, Dr Raquel Ventura, Sensing Control

14.20 – Terriffic, U. Gendotti, Arktis Radiation Detectors

14.40 – EU-Radion update, Magdalena Tomaszewska-Michalak, University of Warsaw

15.00 – Fire-In

15.20 – Melody update, Carlos Palma, SCK CEN

15.40 – eNotice update, Dr Olga Vybornova, UCL

16.05 – Break and Virtual Exhibition

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