National Projects

We provide here a list of CBRN projects funded from national funding sources in EU countries.

Please contact us if you would like your project to be listed on ENCIRCLE website.

  • SABAT – Stoichiometry Analysis by Activation Techniques
  • SFORA – Mobile laboratory for environment sampling and for identification of biological threats
  • PROTEUS – Integrated mobile system for support of antiterrorist and emergency response activities.
  • Mobile platform for support of forensic investigations at sites with possible CBRN threats
  • Mobile analysis kit and elimination of contamination, supporting counterterrorist activities on CBRN-E event site
  • Remote detection and identification of biological contamination with use of advanced optoelectronic methods
  • Development of an innovative stationary system for detecting trace amounts of explosives.
  • Portable Trace Detector of Trimeric Acetone Peroxide (TATP) and Hexamine Peroxide (HMTD)
  • TechProSmog – Development of an innovative technology for the production of multifunctional products for the protection of the respiratory system against biological factors and chemical compounds contained in smog
  • Identification of biological threats in rescue operations and the impact on the competence of the immune system in the perspective of adverse health consequences
  • Diagnostic, prophylactic and improvement of epidemiological monitoring systems in field stationary conditions in cases of threat of biological weapons
  • „Surveillance and Testing for pathogens etiological for respiratory infectious diseases including Influenza strains with pandemic potential: Domestic and Deployed Sentinel Network in Polish Armed Forces with epidemiological/laboratory capacity at the Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology”– project US DoD – Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System
  • „Nanobiodetector for spore forming bacteria” – Project DARPA nr N10PC20099 (2009-2011)

  • CESAR – Concepts of employment of autonomous CBRN sampling collection devices
  • PANDORA – Secondary dispersion assessment for unmanned aerial platform for CBRN detection
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