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Society for Radiological Prevention 2020 Annual Conference

Date: 28-30 April 2020

Location: Bournemouth, United Kingdom


Practical radiation protection: innovation and challenges for 2020 and beyond.

The last few years have seen a variety of changes and challenges in the RP community with the implementation of the 2013 EURATOM Basic Safety Standards into UK legislation and the impact of BREXIT.  The focus is how we address these challenges from a practical standpoint, and how implementation has worked for example:
  • Medical sector – has the revision to IRRs including changes to the new eye lens dose, IR(ME)R and CDG changed the practice of RP in hospitals?
  • Nuclear Sector – for compliance with REPPIR, how does an RPA argue SQEP to deal with a site emergency when the highest activity experienced is
    1 Bq/cm2 alpha on a foot?
  • Oil and Gas industry – how have changes involving NORM affected work and disposals of waste arisings?
  • Has Brexit impacted foreign students attending UK universities and R&D at establishments such as JET?
  • Has the cost associated with notification etc, meant schools no longer teach with radioactive sources when discussing half-life and shielding?
  • What future RP challenges does the future hold with the development of the UK’s Geological Disposal Facility and development of Small Modular Reactors.
This conference intends to address these and other concepts from a practical standpoint with presentations from across all areas of the RP community, from the medical field to non-nuclear with speakers with experience as RPAs, RWAs, regulators, instrumentation and dosimetry experts.

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