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CBRNe Summit Europe 2018

Date: 17 April 2018

Location: Rome, Italy


5th annual CBRNe Summit Europe conference and exhibition will be heading back to Rome, Italy where we will be evaluating the developments in CBRNe capabilities across Europe. The threat of CBRNe attacks across Europe is continuing to increase year on year.

CBRNe Summit Europe continues to grow each year and provides unrivalled access to public sector officials from across Europe, Middle East, Americas and South-East Asia in one place.

Many CBRNe threats are developing and many terrorist cells are looking at different ways to create destruction across major cities in Europe. The event will focus on many aspects of CBRNe to provide an complete overview of the challenges faced to first responders, emergency services and military in responding to new style attacks in urban cities.

The 2018 show will focus on the following topics over the two day conference and exhibition:

  • Italian CBRNe Capabilities and Challenges
  • Maritime CBRNe threats
  • Chem-Bio Countermeasure Development
  • CBRNe Forensics
  • Countering IED’s
  • Security in Public Spaces – Increasing CBRNe threats and Military-Civil CBRNe Response Cooperation

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