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IN-PREP 1st Table-Top Exercise (TTX)

Date: 29 November 2019

Location: Spoleto, Italy


A TTX is a low-stress discussion exercise gathering the participants in one single location under the guidance and control of experienced staff. Exercises like these are used to train end-users in preparation for the three large demonstrations campaigns that will encompass the preparedness phase, the alert and the planning phase through holistic scenario building capabilities. All exercises are accompanied by a workshop gathering stakeholders of disaster management and resilience.As IN-PREP is a user-driven project, it attempts to respond to the practical needs of the end-users by asking their feedback regularly, especially at key stages of the technical development process. Therefore, the Action proposes three Exercises and three large demonstrations combining the entirety of civil protection stakeholders in a cross-agency, cross-operations format, as part of the iterative validation process. At each of these events, the system will be tested and/or demonstrated through a relevant crisis scenario.

In the 1st TTX, the scenario is based on a truck accident. The truck is transporting 20.000 litres of chemicals and the accident results in cracks which causes a HAZMAT leak. There is no confirmation that the HAZMAT is toxic. In this TTX, a collaborative response planning at national level is sought between multiple civil protection agencies (fire brigade, EMS, municipality, police services, C2 of the municipality, local health actors and volunteers). The scenario replicates one of those included in most Municipal Emergency Plans, which foresees the intervention of the fire brigade’s mobile lab to measure the level of chemical contamination on the ground and water surrounding the plant and calculate the propagation of contamination over water and air through the available models. Impact on the population is also assessed, including population numbers and location, the consequent calculations of egress time for the population and subsequent actions including shelter-in place and full-scale evacuations.

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