The ENCIRCLE Dynamic Catalogue is an open and neutral platform associated with commercial and technical services. The Dynamic Catalogue provides a platform for industry and technological providers to showcase European CBRN capability as well as provide a knowledge source for practitioners and policy makers.


a/ You need to be first registered as an ENCIRCLE Community Member to access the catalogue.

b/ You can register in a Community at different levels associated with different “rights”:

  • As a Practitioner and Customer community member:
    • On behalf of your Organization or as an “individual”,
    • With or without (operational) systems and tools,
  • As a Technological and Industrial community member
    • On behalf of your Organization or as an individual expert,
    • You need to register at least one tool or one project to be accepted.

c/ The registration process is the following:

  • Open the ENCIRCLE dynamic Catalogue home page:,
  • Click either on “Register as Practitioner and Customer community” or on “Register as Technological and Industrial community”,
  • Fill in the organization, points of contact, functions compulsory fields,
  • For the Technological and Industrial community, fill at least one tool or project,
  • Electronically sign the Letter of Intend  (LOI)  by ticking the box when proposed,
  • Submit your request (at the bottom of the questionnaire),
  • Your request will be approved by the project Management Board,
  • At the end of this procedure, you will receive a link to activate your account and choose your password.

If you have some questions or problems with registration please contact us using form below.

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