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Multidisciplinary Field Exercise & Final conference

Date: June 2022

Location: Ranst, Belgium


Multidisciplinary Field Exercise & Final conference will be organised by JCBRND CoE in the frame of H2020 project eNOTICE – European Network Of CBRN TraIning Centers.

The scope of the H2020 SEC-21–GM-2016-2017 eNOTICE project – European Network of CBRN Training Centers – is to build a dynamic, functional and sustainable pan European network of CBRN Training Centres, testing and demonstration sites (CBRN TC), aiming at enhanced capacity building in training and users-driven innovation and research, based on well-identified needs.  The project duration is 5 years from September 1, 2017 till August 31, 2022.

One of the key Instruments for uniting and strengthening collaboration and synergies between the project partners and external stakeholders are Joint Activities. The usual core business of a CBRN TC is to organize regularly training, testing and demonstration activities for local stakeholders. Enlarging this to other organisations and widening the scope of activities to joint innovation testing naturally strengthens ties between new partners and bring them closer together. The eNOTICE Joint Activities are organised as show cases (demonstrating multiple benefits) by project partners during the 60 months lifetime of the project and include field, table top exercises, demonstrations with deployable laboratories, simulations and serious gaming.

Policy meetings gather representatives of policy makers (EU agencies, national and regional authorities) to exchange ideas on the networking progress, work on recommendations for R&D programme topics, and mutually strengthen all parties’ policies and implementations and align the strategy. Policy meetings are organised annually between annual workshops.

Annual workshops are organised at 6 months distance from policy meetings, back to back with the exercises as well. Annual workshops gather all categories of stakeholders, and they discuss the current progress of the project and future objectives.

Final Conference is the event where all the activities organized during the project will be presented in a very synthetic way, focusing on the most interesting aspects for stakeholders, gradually gained insights and guidelines for improvement.

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