Tecnoalimenti (TCA)

Tecnoalimenti (TCA) is an Italian consortium of industries for research and innovation that integrates horizontally and vertically the main industrial players of the agro-food chain. As a non-profit research organisation, Tecnoalimenti S.C.p.A. is composed of 28 food sector industries and one financial institution, Intesa, as trustee of Ministerial funds.

TCA acquired a wide experience in carrying out collaborative innovation and dissemination activities at national and international level, becoming today the leader organisation at national level within the agro-food sector. Founded in 1981, Tecnoalimenti has a record of over 500 research projects in almost any domain related to agro-food, acquiring high-level skills in project envisioning, design, management and research execution. It has a wide experience as coordinator and partner in over a dozen of European projects and national projects, a selection of which is here reported: TRACEBACK, eMensa, HighQ RTE, Bioactive-net – Healthgrain – Baseline – http://rditac.com – Einstein II – TRISK .

Further, its activities extend also to the co-development and technology transfer to agro-food industries and SMEs.

In the field of Food Defence, Tecnoalimenti has actively led since over 8 years the agro-food working group in the Italian National Network of Security Research – SERIT, participating to the Strategic planning and to the National CBRNe Foresight related to the agro-food industry. Further, it is also member of the “TA6” CBRNe European working group, a participant of IMG-S meetings and a partner of the “CoU” European Community of Users network.

Tecnoalimenti is the Leader of the food pillar of the large demo EDEN project where it has organised, for the first time in Europe, two large-scale security demonstration events in food companies.

Website: http://www.tecnoali.com/en/

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