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EpiMilitaris 2018

Date: 16-18 April 2018

Location: Hotel Ryn Castle, Ryn, Poland


The Agenda of 2018 EPIMILITARIS Conference will include the following topics:

1. CBRN threat identification. Threats monitoring, environmental diagnosis, medical intelligence.
2. Identification of CBRN factors. Procedures, techniques, new technologies.
3. Proceedings in the contaminated area. Forensic, triage, environmental aspects. Medical rescue in the area of contamination.
4. Medical evacuation from the contaminated area by CBRN agents.
5. Hospital as a stage for dealing with a contaminated patient.
6. Prevention of CBRN weapons use.
7. Managing a crisis situation after a CBRN incident.
8. Needs and gabs in the CBRN Med

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