ENCIRCLE Questionnaires


Dear practitioner, we would like to kindly ask you to answer several questions concerning CBRNe needs and gaps, policy needs and gaps and procurement. Please share this information with the other practitioners in your country. This will allow ENCIRCLE consortium to update existing (previous EU programmes) list of needs and gaps and as a result prepare list of the topics, which will reflect the most important needs of the practitioners in the upcoming CBRN cluster calls.

Please mind that only unclassified information should be included in the questionnaire and that all responses will be treated as confidential and the data analysed will only refer to the data as organization type and not to a person.

ENCIRCLE QUESTIONNAIRE – policy needs and gaps




Project ENCIRCLE aims to strengthen European industry by creating the tools and strategies that are needed to consolidate the EU CBRN communities of suppliers and practitioners in order to strengthen the field of CBRN safety, security and defence in the European Union. As part of this work an anonymous survey is being undertaken to collect views, opinions and information from the wider CBRN stakeholder communities and thus inform what unfulfilled needs there are.  As a CBRN stakeholder you are invited to complete the survey which can be accessed here:  Project ENCIRCLE Survey.

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