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2017 CBRNe Research Funding Opportunities

Currently there are a few programmes dedicated to research on the new developments in the field of CBRNe security and defence. Please be aware of deadlines for submitting proposals.      SEC-05-DRS-2016-2017 – Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) cluster Type of Actions: RIA Research and Innovation action Deadline: 24 August 2017 17:00:00   SEC-10-FCT-2017 -…

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2017 ENCIRCLE Workshop

Your chance to prioritise future research priorities   The 2017 ENCIRCLE workshop will allow better understanding of the ENCIRCLE project and its objectives. It will present the first results of the ENCIRCLE project, the analysis of current needs and gaps in the CBRNe field. This workshop is your chance to provide insights…

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Collaboration Agreement between ENCIRCLE and H2020–SEC05–2017 CBRN Cluster, Part B RIA proposals

A draft Collaboration Agreement between ENCIRCLE and H2020 – SEC 05 – 2017 CBRN Cluster, Part B RIA proposals can be downloaded HERE. The filled, signed and scanned Collaboration Agreement has to be sent to the ENCIRCLE coordinator for signature. Please send agreement via e-mail to Jean-Luc Gala, Olga Vybornova and Anne-Sophie…

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