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2020 CBRN Stakeholder Survey Acknowledgments

Thank you to everybody who contributed to the last ENCIRCLE Survey. The ENCIRCLE updated CBRN Market Analysis report which takes into account all the ENCIRCLE Practitioner and Technological surveys and the latest ENCIRCLE Discussions reports can be found in the ENCIRCLE Catalogue, in the Network and Groups area, Resources folder. The Market analysis report covers considerations for needs and gaps, standards, market, policy and procurement. The Discussions report includes a state of the art update on the Part B CBRN projects and views on sustainability of the cluster. ENCIRCLE are looking for any comments on the market report and in particularly comments and suggestions for the cluster sustainability in the Discussions report. If you don’t have access to the ENCIRCLE catalogue, you can register from this link If you any problems with access or questions please do not hesitate to contact the consortium

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