Why was our project created?

Much of the innovative technology that drives the CBRN market is developed by small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) which, as indicated by the European Commission, often face difficulty in bringing them to markets. This is because they address local, small or niche markets or because these SMEs have neither the capabilities nor the strength to independently go for foreign markets. This is especially true in the subcomponent part of the market or in those areas where a capability can only be built by combining forces with other parts of the solution. Despite these problems it is vital for European competition and development that these innovative items are successful on the global market.

Combining the various companies into a synergistic whole is a challenge in itself, and one that is often beyond the SMEs involved, that lack the time and contacts needed to make it happen.

The ENCIRCLE consortium is going to strengthen the European industry to help create the tools and strategies needed to consolidate the EU CBRN communities of suppliers and practitioners in order to strengthen the field of CBRN safety, security and defence in the European Union.


Project ENCIRCLE aims to strengthen EU CBRN protection. To inform the project CBRN stakeholders can complete the Project ENCIRCLE Survey and ENCIRCLE Questionnaires


We share useful information about our project!

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